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Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose water retention research

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1, water retention is a measure of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether one of the important indexes of quality, especially in cement mortar and the thin layer of gypsum based products in construction is particularly important.

2, the increase of water retention, can effectively prevent rapid drying and hydration caused enough strength and cracking phenomenon.

3, binding ability is strong, the vertical resistance is good

4, modified cellulose ether has the very good thickening effect, add in the dry mortar, thousands of times can make viscosity increases, can provide material with better bond strength, mobility, structure stability and construction.

5, in slurry pH value is bigger, have obvious promoting effect to dissolve quickly, usually a few minutes can be completely dissolved. 

6, mortar has good liquidity and appropriate volume.This can reduce the density of slurry, better workability, and increase the output of the mortar.At the same time remaining in the mortar in the air to make concrete has better function of heat preservation and heat insulation.The role of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose in mortar

In order to condense gelled material such as cement and plaster need water for hydration.Correct content of HPMC can keep moisture in the mortar in the long enough condensation hardening process continues.Needed to get enough water retention HPMC content depends on:

      1, the absorbent at the grass-roots level

      2, the composition of mortar

      3, mortar layer thickness

      4, the slurry water demand

      5, gelled material setting time

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