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A new material sales situation continues

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Into August, the domestic unseasonably hot temperatures hit record highs, and in this hottest season, the domestic market demand for the emergence of a blowout HPMC, Zhicheng Cellulose Co.,Ltd with a good reputation and the quality of product quality, sales orders pour in, hot market situation, the total sales growth of 22.6% over last year.

To seize market opportunities and meet customer needs, Zhicheng Cellulose Co., Ltd,by strengthening management,strengthening the organization of production, while the quality of products make great efforts to ensure product quality remained stable.

HPMC workshop productionline workers who work overtime as fiery, full production, the workshop production scenes and outdoor temperatures, especially in the mixing section line workers, afraid of high temperature heat, racing against time to catch the packaged product in a timely manner, so thatthe product issued as soon as possible.

As of August 1, there are nearly 500 tons of customers waiting for orders shipped in, all employees and new materials also are full of enthusiasm into production, in orderto ensure that, within the date specified by the customer on time delivery.

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