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The relation of cellulose ether water-retention rate with the mortar temperature

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Temperature changes will seriously affect the water retention of ordinary cellulose ether, and using the fine hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether series products can effectively solve the problem of high temperature water retention.Under the action of cellulose ether, moisture in a prolonged period of time to be gradually released into the base or air, thus ensure the gelled material (cement or gypsum) long enough and the water crystal hardening step by step.Water retention performance under different temperature conditions:

the relationship between water retention rate and the viscosity

Water retention and viscosity have a certain relationship, when the viscosity of cellulose ether rise, water retention is also rising;When the viscosity reaches a certain height, the water retention increase the amplitude of leveling off.

water-retention rate with dosage

Water retention depends on the performance of different hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether products, such as adding volume, viscosity and fineness;Water retention with increased with the increase of adding amount of.When gaining further, the trend of water retention increase slower.

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