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The Technical principle of re-dispersible emulsion powder

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The re-dispersible emulsion powder is a dispersoid formed by polymer emulsion after spraying and drying. 
With its spread and application, it considerably improves the performances of traditional construction 
materials, especially its binding strength and cohesion.

The product can be reduced rapidly to emulsion after contacting with water and keeps the same properties as 
the original emulsion. That is to say, a layer of membrane is formed after the water is evaporated .The 
membrane has high flexibility, high climate resistance and high binding performance to various base materials.

The product is an important additive of dry-mixed mortar in construction industry .It can improve not only 
elasticity , bending strength and rupture strength of materials, but also the climate resistance , durability and 
wear resistance of materials and the construction properties ,as well as reduce the shrinkage of materials 
and effectively prevent from cracking.

The re-dispersible emulsion powder, which applies to many kinds of mortars possesses reliable adhesion,
perfect flexibility, thermal and shock resistance, stable quality. It is used for high-quality polymer mortar 
and in many areas, for example, exterior insulation and finish system, tile adhesive, putty and self-leveling 
mortar etc.
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