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Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose reflected the advantages of the construction site

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Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose in construction materials applications, from mixing to disperse to the construction, has its unique properties, specific as follows:
Combined with the configuration
1 mixed with powder formula is easy.
2 with cold water dispersion properties.
3 effective suspended solid particles, and the mixture is more smooth and flat.
Scattered and mixed
1 dry mixing formula containing hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose can be easily mixed with water.
2 quickly achieve the desired consistency.
3 more quickly and the dissolution of cellulose ether has no mass.
Construction of the online
1 improve the lubricity and plasticity to enhance processability, makes the product construction more convenient and quick.
2 strengthen water conservation, prolong the working time
3 help prevent mortar, mortar, and the vertical flow of ceramic tile.Prolonged cold place, improve the working efficiency.
Product performance and appearance
1 improve the compressive strength of ceramic tile adhesive.
2 reinforced mortar and plank crack of caulking agent shrinkage and cracking strength.
3 to improve the air content in the mortar, greatly reducing the possibility of cracks.
4 improve the look of the finished product.
5 can enhance the vertical flow resistance of the ceramic tile adhesive.
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