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The province's first certification cellulose ether testing organization settled

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Report from our correspondent (reporter li-li jiao correspondent Jun-xia zhang) to

provide support to the development of county's characteristic economy, jinzhou

city pledges inspect bureau accumulative total investment 90 ten thousand yuan,

the new cellulose ether on inspection and so on seven detection and metrological

verification project, among them, the checkout room cellulose ether products in

hebei province will be the only one certification cellulose ether test unit of the

project. Jinzhou city has more than 40 cellulose, cellulose production, sales in

hebei province in the first place, also occupies an important position in fiber

industry in the country. Before, because the product has neither national

standards, there is no industry standard, so the quality inspection has been a big

problem in fiber industry. Jinju cellulose production enterprise product

inspection all quality inspection to the province to the enterprise standard,

standard, quality is uneven, product in the process of market circulation does not

have legal effect.
In September 2013, shall be formulated by the jinzhou city zhicheng cellulose co.,

LTD., to participate in national construction cellulose ether industry standards,

jinzhou city pledges inspect bureau to seize this favorable opportunity, invested

in the construction of cellulose ether products checkout room. By the end of the

beginning of August this year, has invested more than 40, ten thousand yuan,

already related equipment purchase is in place, three training professional

personnel, and communication with the competent department for inspection

certification, is expected before the end of the acceptance by the superior

department. In hebei province, after the completion of the project will be the

only one certification cellulose ether test unit of the project, to the jinju

cellulose enterprises to provide technical support, effectively solve the related

enterprise product quality and technical difficult problem.

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