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How to identify the quality of VAE powder quality

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Vae is main organic binder in mortar exterior insulation system, guarantee system in the late strength and comprehensive performance, the whole hybrid insulation system.On the other building materials such as external wall are widely used in high-grade putty powder, improve construction, improve the flexibility, for putty powder quality is also very important.

But as the market has become increasingly heated competition, VAE to disperse latex powder products will have a lot of good and evil people mixed up, putty powder, customers have a potential application for downstream mortar risk, according to our grasp of the product and the experience with the following method can distinguish preliminarily quality stand or fall, please reference.

1, dissolved method

According to the emulsion powder: water = the proportion of 1:4, dissolve the reusable dispersion emulsion powder in water. After fully mixing, place 10 minutes.If the underlying sediments is less, the preliminary analysis to the quality of the dispersion of emulsion powder, the better.This method is simple operation.

2, ash method

Take a certain amount of reusable latex powder dispersion, placed in metal containers, after weighing up to 800 degrees or so, after 800 degrees high temperature burning, cooled to room temperature, weight again.To reduce the weight, the better the quality. This method requires crucible and so on experimental apparatus, suitable for laboratory operation.

3, film forming method

According to the emulsion powder: water = 1:2 ratio, the reusable dispersion emulsion powder, soluble in water. Stir well, put 5 minutes, again stir well, pour the solution on a clean piece of flat glass, glass in the ventilation and shadow.After evaporation drying, put it away from the glass.The watch off the polymer membrane, the higher the transparency, the better the quality.Can also cut the film into strips and soak into the water, 1 days observation, the less dissolved by water, the better the quality.This method is easy to operate.

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