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The effect of Redispersible Emulsion Powder

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The Redispersible Emulsion Powder after film and play an enhanced role as the second kind of adhesive;

Protective colloid absorbed by slurry system (after the film won't be eroded by water, or "secondary scattered");

Film-forming polymer resin as reinforcing material distribution and the whole system of mortar, and increase the cohesion of mortar;

To disperse latex powder in the wet mortar:

To improve the construction performance;Improve flow performance;Increase the thixotropic and the vertical resistance;

To improve the cohesion; 

Extended opening hours;

Increase water retention.   

To disperse latex powder after the slurry curing effect:

To improve the tensile strength;

Increase the bending strength of folding;

Reduce the modulus of elasticity;

Improve deformability,Increasing material compactness;

Increase the wear resistance strength; 

Increase the cohesion and strength;

Reduce the carbonation depth;Reduce material absorbent;

Increase material has excellent water (join increase aqueous powder)

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